Operation Toby

by Chris Griffith
Published 1993


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                             POLICE SECRET
                            OPERATION TOBY

Discussions between VASTA, COCO concerning MACKENROTH
Numbers are transcript page numbers:
	eg. 21:24 refers to page 14 on
	    Transcript of Working Tape

13 November 1989:

21:14 - COCO and VASTA talking. COCO looking for
	MACKENROTH's telephone number.
	COCO said  "... Have you got MACKENROTH's number."
	VASTA said "...in the phone book ..."

21:17 - COCO still looking for MACKENROTH's telephone
	VASTA said "Someone took all my cash out of here
		    ... for use it for himself and the
	COCO said  "That's it then."
	VASTA said "That is good insurance in case they
		    get in."

21:30 - COCO and VASTA still talking. COCO phones Mrs
	KEOGH (sic), believed to be Mr MACKENROTH's
	private electoral secretary.

21:31 - COCO said "Is Terry around."
	"... how long before I ring can I,
	cause I'd like to talk to him"

21:32 - COCO rang off.
	VASTA said "Where's Terry."
	COCO said  "He's got somebody with him."
	VASTA said "Is he going to ring you back."
	COCO said  "No I said I'd ring him."
	VASTA said "When."
	COCO said  "half an hour."
	Talk about Tes (sic) going off on the campaign
	trail tomorrow.
	No indication of the later telephone call to

14 November 1989:

27:25 - VASTA and COCO talking.
	VASTA said "... Did you ring MACKENROTH."
	COCO said   "No he phoned me last night, I wasn't
	VASTA said "If you were gonna ring him in half an
		    hour and you forgot."
	COCO said  "No he just hasn't got round to it. I,
		    I was supposed to ring him."
	VASTA said "He was supposed to ring me back."
	COCO said  "Yeh."
	VASTA said "... He must be there."
	COCO said  "Where is it."
	VASTA said "398 ... something 7777."
	COCO said  "398 4777."

27:27 - COCO and VASTA still talking. COCO telephones Mrs
	COCO said "Mrs KEOGH good afternoon, Santo.
		   Guess what I forgot to phone back
		   yesterday afternoon, and then Terry
		   phoned and I wasn't home."
27:28	"Terry, hi mate how are you, right."
	"Listen, sorry I missed you yesterday,
	 then you phoned and I wasn't home. I
	 didn't get home till all hours."
	"Yes, what do you mean FITZGERALD
	 Implementation Unit."
	"You tell him that we were after Mr
	 FITZGERALD and nicer things couldn't
	 happen to him."
27:29	"Listen, Terry, I've got a letter
	 for WALSHY, from WALSHY, for Brian
	 WALSH. Now I don't like Brian WALSH,
	 for you I'd do anything, I'll walk
	 this earth with no shoes alright if
	 you want me to. I'll do anything for
	 you, alright."
	 "How much do you need. No, you tell
	"Listen, oh come on Terry, we've known
	 one another too long for that.
	 Listen, I don't want you to do that,
	 just you know, just put some numbers I
	 don't give a stuff, I won't give ... I
	 come in there, I come there, you are I
	 are just gonna have half a cup of
	 coffee while I annoy ya and I leave."
27:30	"I don't want anything there. It'll be
	 in cash, it's for you and away we go."
	"We'll that's your problem. I, it's got
	 nothing to do with me alright. That's
	 your problem. It's got nothing to do
	 with me alright. That's your problem
	"Alright, how much do you need."
	"Oh come on Terry, why have you gotta
	 be like that, why have you gotta be
	 like that with me."
	"Well. I don't care what what you do
	 with anybody. You're talking to me
	 now, great, I told you I'd do anything
	 for you. I mean that. Right."
	"Leave it to me okay."
	"Okay when are you there."
	"Oh the bastards have gone"
	"What happened, the boy, the, they've
	 locked the safe up. He's gone, won't
	 be before tomorrow morning."
27:31	"No, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."
	"I'll see you tomorrow between two and
	 five okay."
	"You, you, you can be that with anybody
	 else. We've known each other too long
	 for that alright."
27:32	"I can understand what you're trying to
	 say, but with me you shouldn't have
	 those hangups."
	"But that's stupid. If you need now
	 something and you're short on your
	 campaign and if I can bridge that gap
	 for you, that's silly."
	"I'm. I'm asking you, I asking nobody
	"That's your problem, I told you I
27:33	 don't give a shit right. What I do is
	 between you and me. What you do with
	 it has got nothing to do with me, none
	 of my business. That's why I said I
	 don't even want to go to WALSHY."
	"Now I, I, at least want some dignity
	 in life. If I don't like the man, I
	 don't want to deal with him.
	"We'll see you between, I'll see you
	 between two and five."
	COCO then rang off.

27:34 - VASTA and COCO talking immediately after telephone
	COCO said  "He won't."
	VASTA said "But when you said ..."
	COCO said  "Oh he can't do that, I said well
		    that's your problem, that's not my
		    problem mate, said that's how ..."
	VASTA said "... You've gotta find out things."

28:01 - VASTA and COCO talking.
	VASTA said "Tomorrow what I might do if you go and
		    see him I'll give you ... copy of a 
		    letter I am going to send to GOSS
		    asking for a review ..."
	COCO said  "Can you put a ... on Goss to use er
		    his bloody er brain instead of his
		    solicitor mentality and not to be
		    overawed by by by the click ..."

28:03	VASTA talking about Terry knowing how much
	conveyancing costs are, and a woman being charged
	in Mareeba.

15 November 1989:

32:33 - VASTA and COCO talking.
	COCO said  "... what you've gotta do is give me
		    your thing, because I'll go and see
		    MACKENROTH this afternoon and then
		    I've gotta go down the coast. I you
		    can give me what you, what I've gotta
		    hand to MACKENROTH."
	VASTA said "I can give you a copy of the letter
		    I'm gonna send to GOSS you know."
		    "What time do you have to leave by."
	COCO said  "He's there between two and five. I'll
		    leave here after two o'clock."

33:05 - VASTA and COCO talking
	VASTA said "... if anything comes out of this I
		    want a bloody review. If in fact it
		    becomes widespread ... after the
		    election we can shout it from the
		    rooftops ... I won't respond you know,
		    you get a bit of feedback from Terry
		    but it's ready to go, I've got one
		    "... but that says something you know
		    with the time."
	COCO said  "Do the timing now, don't worry about,
		    just get it out now ...:
	VASTA said "... it won't be ... just in case there
		    might be something ... Terry you know,
		    just to do a bit of expenditure."
	COCO said  "You want me to ask him if the timing's
		    right now."
	VASTA said "No, I'm just saying I want you to
		    bloodywell push him and the party
		   "To get them to bloody commit
		    "Because afterwards we'll ... around
		    the regions."

16 November 1989:

35:17 - VASTA and COCO talking.
	VASTA said "Anyhow, how'd you go with Terry."
	COCO said  "Terry thought I was trying to buy him.
		    He's never seen five thousand fucking
		    dollars in cash in his whole life and
	VASTA said "What he didn't ..."
	COCO said  "Yeah he was. He said I'll write you a
		    receipt. I don't want a receipt. Oh
		    I'll write you a receipt. I said ...
		    Bastard, if he doesn't write a receipt
		    nobody knows where it comes from. By
		    documenting it, it's documented."
	VASTA said "But did he write the receipt."
	COCO said  "NO well I don't know ..."
	VASTA said "Yeah I'll bet you temptation'll get
		    the better of him though. I bet you
		    he won't write a receipt."
	COCO said  "Well I hope not. I don't want a
		    receipt ...:
	VASTA said "Well what's the point in giving him
		    cash in that case, you might as well
		    have put it on the ah company cheque
		    to account for that. You know it goes
		    an open book an as a donation."