Leaders shun debate

by Chris Griffith
Published 21 January 1996 in The Sunday Mail


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Premier Wayne Goss and Opposition Leader Rob Borbidge yesterday appeared unlikely to agree to a head-to-head debate on Townsville television during the Mundingburra by-election campaign.

This was despite the future of government in Queensland hanging on the outcome.

Mr Borbidge said: "I've always had an open commitment to debate the Premier anywhere, any time, on any topic -- that remains the case."

But a spokesman for Mr Goss said the Premier was unlikely to debate Mr Borbidge "when the Liberal candidate is under instructions not to debate or does not believe he can debate Tony Mooney".

"The people of Mundingburra are more interested in that debate than one between the two leaders," the spokesman said.

Commentators widely agree that Mr Borbidge significantly improved his chances of victory during last year's election with his strong performance in "The Great Debate" -- held 24 hours before the poll.